What You Should Know About U-Bolts

A U-bolt is a commonly used bolt that you have probably heard mentioned a time or two in the past. It is used for construction projects but more commonly used for vehicle suspension needs. It is a major component of the leaf spring installation and helps a truck smoothly handle off-road operation. The function of the bolt is to provide a tie between the spring leaves that lasts permanently. The shape of the bolt gives it the name. It is shaped like the letter U and has two threaded arms on each side.

Could new bolts benefit your truck? It is possible that this answer is yes! There are several reasons why you might need to replace the U-Bolts Portland OR. It is important that you understand why you might need to make the replacement and get in touch with experts as quickly as possible to buy the bolt and to schedule your service if you’re not handling it on your own. It is recommended that the bolts are replaced each time you take the existing bolts out for maintenance. Upgraded bolts work better and keep your truck running smoothly. Sometimes bolts wear out in time and rust is also a common problem that causes the bolts to malfunctions.

U-Bolts Portland OR

Since installing a new U-bolt is pretty simple, most people choose to handle this task on their own. You simple need a jack to jack up one side of the vehicle, find the bolt that you are replacing and remove the nuts that connects each part of the bolt to the vehicle. Place the new bolt around the leaf spring and use the two nuts to connect it to the vehicle. A socket wrench allows you to easily tighten the nuts. Take the vehicle off the stand and you’re done!